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Four magical words that became a part of my life : Shivpurinews.in

“The right word is always a power, and communicates its definiteness to our action,” English novelist George Eliot once concluded. During a recent post-dinner walk on the silent streets of my village, I excitedly counted four right words, which became a part of my life in 2021.

For the magic they hold, I consider myself so fortunate to get oriented to them, from which I have been drawing inspiration, ever since I caught them. Truly, they simplified my thought process, enriched my mind and most essentially have laid the seeds of much-needed tranquility in me. Hence, I would love to declare them as four beautiful gifts, which I attained in 2021.

It all began in February last year as I commenced reading Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Healthy Life, one of the bestselling books, in which my eyes clapped upon many inspiring Japanese concepts, but ‘wabi sabi’ intrigued me the most. According to it, people or situations surrounding us are not always going to be as per our expectations but despite that we should imbibe in ourselves the habit of finding something good in them. If I have ever become upset due to some reason, I remind myself that I forgot to apply ‘wabi sabi’ and the moment I turn it into action, I feel bathed in calm. Excited, I often talk about it.

While I was still reading this book, which continued till April-end – mostly before bed time, I once phoned my Osaka-based friend. “Have you read it?” I asked him, hearing the traffic noise of Osaka downtown. He had already read the book two years ago but I felt grateful as he introduced me to a beautiful Japanese word, ‘kaizen.’

“Kai means good, zen means change. In other words, it refers to continuous self-improvement by working on one’s weaknesses. First identify them, and then get rid of them, which will eventually grow us as human beings. In Japanese homes and offices, we keep this word pasted where we can see it daily, from bathroom mirrors to work desks,” he explained. Interestingly, just a few days ago, while I was at a Sikh temple, the thought for the day also gave a similar message, which began with, “Rather than looking at weaknesses of others, see your own.”

In the first week of October, as I was sorting papers in my drawer, I came across an old brochure of Hawaii tourism board, which I had got from a tourist office in Sydney, during my visit in 2019. As I leafed through it, I loved the way they had described their ‘Aloha’ spirit, explaining it in detail. “Aloha is all about cheer and joy. Wherever you go, carry your cheer along to brighten the mood of anyone you meet. In Hawaii, everyone has Aloha in them,” it read. I paused to ask myself why I had not scanned the brochure earlier but was glad to still have it with me. Aloha has often reminded me of Oscar Wilde, who once said, “Some create happiness, wherever they go; others when they leave.” But with the Aloha spirit in us, we will continue to create happiness wherever we are and wherever we go. How simple!

Early December, as I visited my friend in Haryana, who is married to a Bulgarian girl, she rolled out ailyak as we contemplated on fast-paced life. “In Bulgaria, we keep reminding each other of ailyak since it underlines the power of patience and calmness as without it life can become messy.” Don’t we all need the support of ailyak in our lives? Let’s not forget, we are always in a rush, be it on the road, while having meals or even in the fastest lift.

Hope, I am right to declare these meaningful words as ‘beautiful gifts.’ After all, nothing could be better than the gifts that help one evolve. More the mind evolves, the better the journey of life becomes. Looking forward to more such gifts every year. rameshinder.sandhu@gmail.com

The writer is an Amritsar-based freelance contributor



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