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Daily spike in Covid-19 cases falls by 600, but positivity rate still high : Shivpurinews.in

The daily spike in Covid-19 cases declined marginally in Gautam Budh Nagar on Thursday, with the district reporting 1,763 fresh Covid-19 cases, 503 less than the tally of 2,266 confirmed cases on Wednesday, the data from the district health department showed. With this, the number of infections reported in the month of January is now at 11,058. Currently, there are 10,718 active cases, which is the highest in the state, as per state records.

Although the total daily count is less than that on Wednesday, the positivity rate continued to remain high, according to the district health department figures. The overall positivity rate — the ratio of samples that return positive from among the total tested — on Thursday was 27.8%, up from the 26.07% recorded a day ago.

The overall RT-PCR positivity rate also increased from 36.3% on Tuesday to 41.1% on Wednesday. Tests conducted using the RT-PCR method is believed to give out more accurate results as compared to rapid antigen tests.

Officials, however, claimed that the higher positivity rate is indicative of better testing and tracking.

“In this wave, the number of positive cases has been high as compared to the previous wave. Obviously, the transmissibility of the infection is more. However, the number of serious cases and the need for hospitalisation is low so far, which is a positive sign. The higher positivity rate indicates that the surveillance mechanism has been efficient in testing and tracking patients, and is therefore helping reduce transmission,” said district magistrate Suhas LY. Health officials said depending on the need, focused testing has been consistently increased over the past one month.

A comparison of testing and positivity rate data over the past 15 days shows how rapidly the positivity rate in Noida increased from 0.2% on December 25 to 26% on January 11. During the same period, the number of tests also increased from 3,358 on December 25 to 8,693 on January 11. The overall positivity rate crossed 1% on December 29 and crossed 10% on January 5. Following this, the daily spike surged as positivity rate doubled to 20.3% within the next two days on January 7.

The overall RT-PCR positivity rate is 41.1%, as on January 12 — it was a mere 0.4% on December 25, as per the health department figures. Between January 3 and 6, it went up from 7.3% to 25.2%.

Officials said the test positivity over the next few days will determine whether cases have already peaked in Gautam Budh Nagar or whether more is yet to come. “It is good that fewer cases have been reported (on Thursday). It is still early to determine the trend in cases but cases recorded over the next week will determine whether they have started declining,” said Suhas.



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