Wet Season Leaves Belgharia Limited-access highway In Shambles

The seasonal rains at the start of monsoon in West Bengal are proving to be costly for the Belgharia Expressway. An extremely important road because of the direct connection it creates between Dakshineswar and the Kolkata airport, it is in a pitiable state. The condition of the lanes on both sides of the Dakshineswar to airport stretch is so bad that accidents are fairly frequent. Also, accidents are on the rise owing to the way bikes, cars and lorries are parked in front of the shops on both sides of the road in the evening.

Belgharia Expressway was once a part of the national highway, but it is now maintained by the state’s highway division. Cars entering the state from Siliguri, Assam or neighboring Bangladesh- all use this expressway. As a result, everyone has to face the ultimate difficulty as this very important road lies in an almost-dilapidated condition.

The road is replete with ditches at various spots. The subway situated near Baranagar station in the opposite lane is also in a similar condition. Things are so bad that it takes 10 minutes to cross the road, when it should ideally take about 40 seconds. The subway roof is leaking and water is dripping continuously.

Numerous large potholes have been created on the road. These often lead to the breakdown of various car parts on this stretch, which leads to cars being stranded on this road for long periods of time. As a result, everyone has to face traffic jams daily. The Public Works Department says the work of repairing ditches and potholes will start soon. However, it will only be completed when the rains subside.

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