JAP Takes Out Buffalo March In Patna To Protest Gas Worth Hike

As the prices of diesel and petrol continue to shoot through the roof and hit the century mark, Pappu Yadav’s Jan Adhikar Party today organized a unique protest on the streets of Patna—Buffaloes pulling motorcycles. The street march of buffaloes was taken out starting from the NIT Mod in Patna. As part of the protest, JAP activists sat on buffaloes and pulled motorbikes along with them on the road.

In the march, JAP leaders and activists shouted slogans against the government, decrying the inflation in the prices of fuels. After the fuel prices hiked once again on Sunday the price of petrol now stands at Rs 99.28 per litre and diesel at Rs 93.30 in Patna. In other parts of India such as the financial capital Mumbai petrol price has already reached Rs 101 per litre. In Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh, petrol costs Rs 105.

There were around 50 thousand man-pulled motorbikes on the roads of Patna today, as JAP leaders like Premchand accused the Centre of harassing common people including farmers by spiking fuel prices all over the country.

They raised questions as to how the government could keep prices of fuel so high considering crude oil prices were low elsewhere in the world. They said that the point of bringing in buffaloes to the protest was to show the government that the prices of fuel were so high that all the motorbikes were devoid of oil and thus had to be dragged along by people riding on buffaloes.

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