MP Yoga Guru Plays within the Lap of Narmada to Pressure House Message of River Conservation

MP Yoga Guru Plays within the Lap of Narmada to Pressure House Message of River Conservation

As Yoga has gained popularity over the years, the 28-year-old yoga instructor has devised a unique way of not only performing the ancient workout style but also propagate a message of conservation of the river Narmada.

Based in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, Ganga Chakravarti has been performing yoga in waist-deep waters of Narmada, which is considered the lifeline of Madhya Pradesh.

The young teacher who is pursuing masters in yoga has been continuing with her unique style of traditional workout in the river for the last seven years as she also wishes to drive home a point that the river should be conserved and also should not be polluted by devotees.

“I visit the banks of the holy river at least two or three times a week to grasp the soothing and serene environment which heals the brains and body,” said Ganga speaking to over the phone.

“Plus, whenever I wish to mediate, riverbanks of Narmada are the best location for me like anyone else who resides in Jabalpur,” she said. As her yoga centre was closed for the last year and a half, the young instructor remained busy helping out locals practice yoga through online calls or at physical classes organised as per safety norms.

“I also taught yoga at an NGO and at elderly homes for helping those who can’t pay, keep themselves fit and fine,” said the Jabalpur girl who believes that yoga is a must for everyone in modern life which leaves muscles with minimal movement. Even if you walk, your legs will be toned but rest the body still needs workout like yoga which stretches every muscle and joint of the body, she said.

On being asked why she chose Narmada banks for her exercise, Ganga said, “I always wanted to convey the message of cleanliness and conservation as we are facing acute water scarcity in future.”

The yoga practitioner often spots people throwing garbage in the river or simply polluting the water and never lags in pulling up such people. “Some understand the advice and some others simply return a glare and leave,” she said with a giggle.

She said the ancient workout is a soothing and satisfying experience that only can be felt with regular practice.

(Inputs Pratik Mohan Awasthi)

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