'Neither Robust by means of Om, Nor Diminished by means of Allah': Abhishek Singhvi on Chanting Om All through Yoga, Ramdev Responds

On the International Yoga Day, Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi came under fire after he shared his opinion on the chanting of the word ‘OM’ during Yoga, drawing criticism from people on social media.

“Nither Yoga will become more powerful by chanting Om, nor will the power of Yoga be reduced by saying Allah,” Singhvi said in a tweet in Hindi on Monday.

A report in ABP News said, Chanting OM is considered a significant part while performing Yoga and the has been practiced since centuries.

Baba Ramdev was quick to respond to the statement and said that chanting Om doesn’t reflect any religion and added that God is one and the same for all. “God, Allah, Ishwar, Parmatma all are one. In such a situation, nobody should have a problem chanting Om as it doesn’t reflect any religion and we are not forbidding anyone from believing in God. Om is not a person or an idol,” Ramdev said.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people across the globe touched their toes, stretched towards the skies and breathed in and out mindfully to mark the seventh International Day of Yoga. From mountains to beaches and town squares to neighbourhood parks, and in homes in distant corners of the world and country, people spread out their mats to perform asanas’ and pranayama’ breathing exercises, some as part of their daily fitness routine and others to take part in the celebration of the ancient Indian wellness discipline.

Linking the practice of yoga to the battle against the pandemic, Modi announced the ‘M-Yoga’ application in collaboration with the World Health Organization. The application will have many videos of yoga training based on ‘common yoga protocol’ available in different languages.

Terming it a great example of the fusion of modern technology and ancient science, the prime minister also expressed the hope that the M-Yoga app will help in spreading yoga the world over and contribute to the efforts of ‘One World, One Health’. President Ram Nath Kovind described yoga as one of India’s greatest gifts to the world.

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