West Bengal: ‘Your Police Station, Your Group’ Programme Introduced In Birbhum District

West Bengal: ‘Your Police Station, Your Group’ Programme Introduced In Birbhum District

In an attempt to help people and encourage them to report crimes, the West Bengal police are installing complaint boxes in each panchayat office in Birbhum district.

The West Bengal police launched ‘Your Police station, Your neighbourhood’ programme from Dighal village under the Mohammadbazar police station in Birbhum district. The initiative launched in Birbhum district mainly aims to increase the communication of police with people.

The MLA from the area Ashish Bandopadhyay and Birbhum District Superintendent of Police Nagendra Nath Tripathi were present at the event.  According to reports, crimes have been on the rise in the area, but many of the complaints are not reaching the police station in time. People in rural areas are habitually scared of the police and the pandemic conditions have worsened the situation.

According to the new system, the complainant does not have to physically travel to the police station. All they have to do is drop a written complaint in the post-box of the Panchayat office. The information can be provided anonymously and then the letter will safely reach the police station.

Nagendra Nath Tripathi said that once the letter reaches the police, the information would be verified and action would be taken. This initiative is being taken with the aim to free the society drugs menace, eradicate superstitions, prevent child marriage, eliminate child labor, provide societal protection to the elderly, to protect the environment and ensure women’s safety. Other objectives are to crack down on gambling and punish offenders of domestic violence, he added.

This scheme has three subsets aimed at three different sections—  One for addressing the problems of the elderly, the second one for crimes against women and the third for other general issues.

A female police officer would always be available for help in case of any complaint related to women’s issues. A police van will always be present in the area, which will be used if necessary. Mohammed Ali, the OC of Mohammadbazar Police Station, thanked the district police administration for undertaking this effort.

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