App Based totally E-Cycle Venture To Be Introduced In Noida From July 1

App Based totally E-Cycle Venture To Be Introduced In Noida From July 1

The local authorities in Delhi National Capital Region have been regularly taking measures to decrease the pollution levels. The Noida Authority has now planned to launch an e-cycle project in the city from July-1 to reduce vehicular pollution. Sixty of the planned 62 e-cycle stands are now ready for operation.

The e-cycle project will be launched by the Noida Authority from July 1. A private company has been given the responsibility of all operational matters related to bicycles. The company will generate income from the rentals that will be paid by consumers and through advertisements on docking stations.

The aim of the Noida Authority is to reduce the use of petrol and diesel vehicles in the city. They are encouraging people to take eco-friendly rides for short distances. The cycles can be found in the proximity of a government office, metro station, main market and bus station.

The e-cycles will have a speed upto an impressive 25 kilometers per hour. Consumers can avail the service through an app where the people would be asked to update their KYC details.

People would be able to unlock the cycle on the app, while it will automatically get locked when they return the cycle to the docking station.

Where can you find the cycles?

Noida Authority Sector-2 SBI Bank, Sector-3 Underground Vehicle Parking, Sector-6 Authority Office, Sector-12 Z Block Market, Sector-15 Metro Station, Sector-16 Metro Station, Sector-16A Apeejay School, Sector- 18 Multi-storey Parking, Sector-18 Metro Station, Sector-20 Authority Office, Sector-21A Noida Stadium, Sector-25 Market, Sector-29 Ganga Shopping Complex, Sector-29 Brahmaputra Market, Sector-30 District Child Hospital, Sector- 33A RTO Office, Sector-38A Botanical Garden Bus Depot, Sector-38A Botanical Garden Metro Station, Sector-39 City Center Metro Station, Sector-39 District Combined Hospital, Sector-44 Mahamaya School Sector-50 Market, Sector-52 Market Inner Road, Sector-57 Airtel Office, Sector-58 Police Chowki, Sector-59 Metro Station, Sector-60 AVP Road, Sector-62 Tot Mall Market, Sector-62 B Block Market, and Sector-62 Samsung Building etc.

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