Meet “Bappi Lahiri Of Uttar Pradesh” Who Has A Gold Masks Value Rs 5 Lakh

Alarmed by the news of the onset of a possible third wave of Covid-19, a man named Manoj Sengar, popularly known as Manojanand Maharaj in his hometown of Kanpur, has got himself a mask made out of pure gold, costing around 5 lakh rupees. Manoj, commonly known by his epithet, “Bappi Lahiri of Uttar Pradesh”, ordered a mask made of gold from Mumbai. According to him, the mask has a sanitizer solution inside it which will work for 36 months. He has named it the ‘Shiv sharan mask’.

This is believed to be the first mask of its kind ever made in India. However, this is far from being the only quirk of Manoj as far as gold is concerned. An avid lover of everything made from gold, he wears four gold chains which together weigh around two hundred and fifty grams. He has a conch, fish and Lord Hanuman’s locket in his possession- all made from gold. Even today, Manoj wears gold jewelry of 2 kilograms around his neck. Apart from this, he has a pair of golden earrings, a golden cover for his revolver and three gold belts. Having been wrapped up in all this gold for the last 10 or so years, has earned him the epithets ‘Bappi Lahiri of Kanpur’ and ‘Golden Baba’ of Kanpur. Manoj said that his love for gold had earned him lots of threats and troubles from miscreants, but that did not put a dent in his love for gold. him. Today, Manoj keeps two armed bodyguards to protect him from any kind of theft or mugging attempt.

As for the state where Golden Baba resides in, i.e. Uttar Pradesh, the total number of Covid-19 cases has come down significantly in the last month. Presently, the total number of active Covid-19 cases has come down to 4,000, out of which 3,910 are under treatment.

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