Meet Sonu Thakur, Award-Profitable Snake Catcher Bitten 18 Instances

Meet Sonu Thakur, Award-Profitable Snake Catcher Bitten 18 Instances

Sonu Thakur, an award-winning professional snake catcher in Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh, has been rescuing snakes for the last 12 years. He has saved 575 snakes in his career, and has also survived snake bites 18 times. Despite the dangers of the job, Sonu loves rescuing the serpents whenever he gets an SOS call.

A resident of Khokhan town, Sonu gets requests from faraway places whenever there’s snake trouble. Moreover, the fearless Sonu doesn’t use any equipment for catching the snakes, and his rescue videos show him taking out the hidden serpents with ease.

Sonu said that since childhood, he wanted to do something different for the society, and he translated his hobby of catching snakes into this welfare work. Sonu said he feels good when he thinks about the countless lives he has saved through his profession. Sonu revealed that he has caught various species of snakes as he receives requests from neighbouring districts like Mandi and other faraway places as well.

The professional snake catcher has received multiple accolades and awards, and even has a significant presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Sonu films many of his rescue missions where he could be fearlessly seen rescuing the snakes while others watch from a corner.

Sonu also ensures medical treatment of injured snakes, and has been working to create awareness about their preservation.

Indervir Singh, a local resident, praised Sonu for his social work, and said that people remember him whenever there’s a snake in someone’s house, shop or godown. Nika Singh, a local shopkeeper, said that Sonu has saved countless lives in his almost 12-year-long journey of being a snake catcher.

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