Bihar Girl Hires Contract Killer, Will get Husband Murdered With Lend a hand From Lover

A truck driver in Katihar district of Bihar was killed by a contract killer hired by his wife. Three days after the sensational murder of a truck driver Dharmendra Ravidas came to light, the Police on Wednesday revealed that Ravidas was killed by his wife Sajli with the help of her lover Raju Kumar and a contract killer Sanjit Pandit.

Within 60 hours, the Police have arrested all the three accused involved in the murder of Dharmendra in Bhatta Tola area of Muffasil police station of the district. Dharmendra was shot dead on June 20.  The Police arrested the accused with the weapons used in the murder.

According to the Police, wife of the victim, Sajli, conspired with her lover Raju, a private bank employee, and hired a contract killer Sanjit to plot the murder of her husband. In lieu of this Sanjit was also given a fixed amount.  Sajli is also the mother of two children, Police said.

Vikas Kumar, Superintendent of Police (SP), Katihar in a press conference said that all the three accused have been arrested in this case. The police have recovered a pistol used in the murder. Eight rounds of bullets have also been recovered, he said.

The SP said that the reason behind the incident is an “illicit love affair” between Sajli and Raju for the last several months.

The Police official said that Raju had also given a loan of Rs 90,000 to Sajli’s husband Dharmendra.  Raju and Sajli had decided to settle down together after the murder of Dharmendra as nobody has to re-pay the loan.

All the arrested accused  confessed their crimes after being interrogated by the Police officials. They revealed the entire incident. They also told the police how they conspired to kill Dharmendra and executed the plan. They will soon be produced in the court and will be punished as per the court’s order, Police said.

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