West Bengal: New child Assessments Covid Certain In an instant After Beginning In East Midnapore

West Bengal: New child Assessments Covid Certain In an instant After Beginning In East Midnapore

Mishti Bhuiyan and Shantanu Bhuiyan in East Midnapore district of West Bengal were shocked to learn that their one-day-old baby was infected by the coronavirus. The baby boy was born at a private nursing home in Panskura town, but the infant developed shortness of breath immediately, and the parents were scared as their child became unresponsive. The couple rushed their child to the Shusrusha Nursing Home in Kolaghat where Dr Prabir Bhowmik, a paediatrician, started operating on the infant.

Fortunately, the baby boy recovered in seven days and is currently in a healthy state. However, Dr Bhowmik described the case as very unique and rare. He said they have come across a seven-day-old child from Bhagwanpur who was Covid positive, and a 10-day-old from West Midnapore district. But, Dr Bhowmik said, this baby, who was brought to them from a different nursing home, was running low on breath, and his CRP was very high which resulted in inflammation in the body. Moreover, the baby boy also had low blood pressure, the paediatrician said, adding that the child’s treatment was completely different from the usual cases.

Dr Bhowmik also said that infection occurred while the baby was in the womb, while noting that many pregnant women do not follow Covid protocols which results in their newborn getting infected. However, the parents expressed happiness when the baby boy returned to his mother’s lap.

Shantanu, the baby boy’s father, said that he had lost all hope for his child as he was not responding after the birth. But now, the Bhuiyan couple is happy to return home with their healthy baby boy. The worried family members of the couple are also breathing a sigh of relief as the child got a new life. The grandparents of the baby boy were also in a joyous mood as they finally got to see their grandchild.

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