Cricket has taken me to puts I may just now not have imagined it might take me, it is a existence stuffed with gratitude: Harsha Bhogle | Cricket Information – Instances of India

Think cricket commentary at the highest level and chances are you will think of Harsha Bhogle. The 59 year old has been synonymous with cricket commentary for a long time and is the only non former international cricketer commentator in the ‘elite panel’ of cricket commentators.
The guests on episode 3 of the new TOI podcast, Sportscast were two veteran broadcast professionals – Harsha Bhogle and Joy Bhattacharjya. They talked about multiple different facets of cricket broadcast and Harsha opened up about how cricket broadcast changed his life.
“What it has done is that it has given a very shy, very uncertain, someone who wasn’t very sure of himself, someone with low self esteem, it has taken someone like that and given him a life, a career and a place in this sport that he could not have imagined. He was asked to write a script, he would have written about a quarter of the script that life has allowed. It’s a life full of gratitude for the sport. I just love this sport. I am a pilgrim, I am a believer in the sport. This sport has taken me to places I could not have imagined it would take me. So, from that point of view – yes, cricket has given me everything and I hope it doesn’t change.”
Harsha began doing cricket commentary from the time he was 19, while he lived in Hyderabad, for All India Radio.
The full episode of TOI Sportscast with Harsha Bhogle and Joy Bhattacharjya is live on the TOI website in the podcast section.
Full episode
You can also catch all the episodes of TOI Sportscast on multiple podcast apps, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Google podcasts, Gaana, Savn and others.

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