Uttar Pradesh: 3 Of A Circle of relatives Shot Lifeless At House By means of Robbers In Ghaziabad

Three members of a family were shot dead at their home in Ghaziabad while the fourth was seriously injured by robbers. The attack took place at the home of a textile businessman Riyazuddin in the Loni area of the city. Police said the 70-year-old and his two sons Azhar (30) and Imran (28) were shot dead by the robbers while the businessman’s 65-year-old wife Fatima sustained serious bullet injury. She has been admitted to a local hospital.

According to information, the armed robbers sneaked into Riyazuddin’s house at around 3 am with the motive to steal cash and jewellery. However, police said, the family realised the criminals’ presence and tried to prevent them. This irked the criminals who fired at all the four members, killing Riyazuddin and his two sons on the spot while Fatima sustained bullet wounds. They later fled the home with valuables.

Ghaziabad Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Amit Pathak informed that when the police reached the crime site, Riyazuddin and his two sons were found dead, adding that three teams have been deployed to nab the criminals.

Ghaziabad’s Loni area had recently witnessed an elderly couple’s murder during a purported robbery at their home. Their son Ravi, who wasn’t present during the crime, told police that he found his parents – Surendra (70) and Santosh (63) – lying dead on the floor of their house. Police also suspected the murder to emanate from old enmities as the family used to lend money on interest. Moreover, the cops did not find any signs of forced entry which could mean that the accused were known to the family.

“The assailants must have entered the house soon after Ravi left. Since the elderly man was involved in the business of lending money on interest, it is quite possible he had developed enmity with some people,” Loni’s Circle Officer Atul Sonkar was quoted as saying by Times of India.

However, the officer added, “We are probing if his business had anything to do with the murder. The robbery may have been staged to deflect our attention.”

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