Warmth Wave in Haryana to Proceed Until July 2, Says IMD

Warmth Wave in Haryana to Proceed Until July 2, Says IMD

The residents of Haryana have to face scorching heat for one more week. The weather in the state is expected to be generally variable but dry till July 2, according to Indian Meteorological Department. There is a possibility of a slight increase in temperature in the next five to seven days, the department said, adding that dusty winds can also prevail till July 2. The winds will not have much effect on the overall weather situation of the state.

In the coming five to seven days, people will have to use various methods to protect themselves from the heat and farmers will have to make a strategy to save their crop, the weather agency advised.

The agriculture department has advised that the farmers should devise methods to accumulate moisture in cotton and vegetable fields. Due to continuous cloudy weather, there can be an outbreak of pests and diseases in crops and farmers have been asked to monitor these crops regularly.  Farmers are also advised to use pesticides if an outbreak is seen.

The agriculture department has also suggested to start planting paddy when water is available.

According to the Met department, favorable conditions for monsoon winds are likely to form only after the next five to seven days. Earlier, due to the partial effect of Western Disturbance, a cyclonic circulation formed over Rajasthan, and light to moderate rainfall with dusty winds and thundershowers were recorded from June 24 to 26 in the northern and southwestern regions of Haryana.

In the last 24 hours, 8 mm of rainfall has been recorded in Haryana’s Hisar. Monsoon entered Haryana on June 13, 14 days ahead of its scheduled arrival in the state. The speed of monsoon winds has slowed down in the past few days.

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