West Bengal: New child And Mom Caught At Burdwan Rail Gate For Hours

A mother and her new born baby were stuck at the railway gate on Sunday in Burdwan district of West Bengal for a long time on their way to the hospital, thereby jeopardizing their lives. This incident again stoked the demand for a flyover at the railway gate.

The Burdwan Surrey Road has the Talit railway gate which is only five kilometers away from Burdwan city. The train frequency is very high on the Burdwan-Asansol route. Several pairs of local trains run round the clock on this route. Therefore, once the gate is closed, the national highway traffic stops for a long time. On Sunday, there was a huge traffic jam on both sides of the railway gate when the incident took place. An ambulance was called to the spot and it immediately rushed to the hospital with the critically ill mother-child duo.

Vijay Das, the father of the newborn, was travelling to the Burdwan Medical College Hospital from Peelkhana village with his pregnant wife Mandira. On the way to the hospital, she gave birth to a child near Haldi Para. Once this happened, the railway gate became the main obstacle on the way to the hospital. They were stuck at this gate for a long time.

The presence of the Talit Railgate between Burdwan and Vedia has been the cause of daily misery for numerous passengers, inviting several complaints from everyone. Allegedly, a patient on this route had died before he could be taken to the hospital, since the railway gate was closed for a long time. Again, the traffic jam is a constant problem on this route.

The NH2B road from Burdwan to Birbhum is an extremely busy one, according to locals. The train gates on this road are closed most of the time, making people wait.  According to locals, if a flyover is built over the railway gate, it will be convenient for everyone.

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