Formation and implementation of schemes will have to be according to folks’s aspirations

Formation and implementation of schemes should be in accordance with people’s aspirations

Main goal is to build Aatma-Nirbhar Madhya Pradesh
Scheme should be made by studying the best works of the country and the world
CM Shri Chouhan holds meeting of State Policy and Planning Commission

भोपाल : मंगलवार, जून 29, 2021, 22:10 IST

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that schemes should be made according to local needs and characteristics after studying the best works of the country and the world, their implementation and effect should be independently analyzed and reforms should be made accordingly. The formation and implementation of plans should be as per the aspirations of the people.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that according to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s concept of Aatma-Nirbhar Bharat, the creation of Aatma-Nirbhar Madhya Pradesh is the basic goal of our development. And work has to be done keeping this in mind.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was taking a meeting of Madhya Pradesh Policy and Planning Commission at Mantralaya today. Finance Minister Shri Jagdish Devda, Vice-Chairman of the Commission Shri Sachin Chaturvedi, Chief Secretary Shri Iqbal Singh Bains and all concerned were present in the meeting.

Creation of data repository must

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that for improving statistics and data management in the state and for its better use, focus should be on data collection. It is necessary to create a data repository in the state.

Need for additional resources for development

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that efforts are needed to mobilize additional financial resources beyond the purview of the budget for the development needs of the state. For this, there can be ways like off budget borrowing, hybrid annuity model, PPP mode etc.

Maximum development of tourism

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that in view of the immense potential of tourism in the state, maximum development should be done here. Efforts are being made here for wildlife tourism, religious tourism, Buffer mein Safar, promotion of film activities, development of tourism circuit etc.

Agriculture is the strength of MP

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that agriculture has immense potential in M.P. Madhya Pradesh is the country’s granary, but there is a need for diversification of crops. Not only should crops be planted according to market demand, but efforts should also be made to promote exports.

Employment is the biggest need

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that employment is the biggest need in today’s time. With the spread of education, employment opportunities will have to be increased more and more. Schemes that provide maximum employment must be made. A target has been set to provide 01 lakh employment per month in the state.

Madhya Pradesh a treasure trove of medicines

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that MP is a treasure trove of medicines. We have to make maximum use of them for public health. Traditional medicine system should be promoted in the state.

Creative use of youth power

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the youth power of the state has to be used in constructive works and in the right direction. Women Self Help Groups also have to be promoted more and more.

Clusters of industries according to regional potential

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that clusters of industries are to be formed in the state according to the regional possibilities. Agro-based industries have to be promoted in the state and local products have to be promoted in the country and abroad through schemes like Ek Zila Ek Utpad.

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