Himachal Pradesh: Shimla Faces Water Disaster After Surprising Inflow of Vacationers

Himachal Pradesh: Shimla Faces Water Disaster After Surprising Inflow of Vacationers

The capital city of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, is facing a water crisis due to the arrival of tourists in huge numbers after the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted.

As the lockdown restrictions eased in Himachal Pradesh and neighbouring states people have started arriving in several cities of Himachal Pradesh to escape from the chaotic pandemic lives. But this sudden influx of tourists has increased the burden on the Jal Nigam who have been working tirelessly to provide extra water to hotels and residential areas.

On Tuesday, 42.09 Million Litre per Day (MLD) of water was supplied to Shimla. There are about 33,000 drinking water consumers in Shimla city, for which about 40 MLD water is required daily.

However, since the city was crowded with tourists after restrictions were removed, the requirement for the basic necessity has shot up significantly. The brunt of it is being experienced by the residents of the city.

The real cause behind the increase in water consumption is due to a surge of tourists in hotels. More than 25,000 vehicles have arrived in the city in the past week.

Jal Nigam’s Assistant General Manager Mahmood Shaikh said that apart from that, the increase in water consumption has dried up water sources in Koti-Barandi, Cheyd and Churat. As a consequence, the city’s largest water reserve in Gumma, has been under immense stress to distribute water in other parts of the city too.

If there is not a decrease in the number of tourists in the city, even hotels would start struggling to keep up with the water demands of their guests.

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