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22-year-old guy arrested for rape and homicide of 6-year-old neighbour

22-year-old guy arrested for rape and homicide of 6-year-old neighbour

In a shocking incident, the police arrested a 22-year-old man for allegedly raping and brutally murdering a six-year-old girl at Vandipperiyar near Kumily in Idukki district of Kerala. The accused is the neighbour of the victim and an active social worker. The girl’s body was found hanging in a room at her parents’ quarters in Churakkulam Estate on June 30.

The police said that the autopsy and the medical examination of the body verified that the child was raped before she was strangulated to death. “The accused had raped the child several times before she was found hanging inside the estate lane house,” said the police.

According to police sources, the child’s parents had given the accused, an active social worker connected with Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), the youth wing of ruling CPI(M), the freedom to visit their quarters any time. However, he used it to abuse her even when she was a three-year-old.

The accused used to lure the baby in the guise of giving her sweets and continued to sexually abuse her for three years. According to the police, the incident took place on June 30, when the accused was allegedly raping the minor girl while her parents went out for work in the tea estate.

Initially, the police had registered it as a case of accidental death. However, the autopsy report revealed that she was sexually abused over a long period. Following this, the police grew sceptical that it was a murder.

Although he had physically abused the victim several times before, the child went unconscious on June 30, while she was being raped. To conceal the crime, the accused hanged the girl in the lane room with a shawl. According to sources, the child, who was not dead then, opened her eyes while being hanged and the youth did not detract from the crime.

“It seems like he had raped the girl many times in the past. However, on June 30, the child fell unconscious during his assault and he hanged her, assuming that she was dead,” police told.

The accused, without any remorse, attended the girl’s funeral and acted emotionally over her death. He also was active in helping the family during the days after the ghastly incident, especially when the last rites of the child were being performed.

Police said they recorded the arrest after finding the man’s statements contradictory. As per police sources, the accused, who was an addict of pornographic films, confessed to subjecting the girl to sexual abuse during the interrogation.

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