Classes from UK’s transition out of the Covid-related restrictions

Classes from UK’s transition out of the Covid-related restrictions

The UK is scheduled to begin a transition to complete normalcy beginning 19 July. Initially, it will be England that will do away with restrictions such as caps at concerts. Subsequently, the other regions of the UK will follow suit. Following Covid protocols will be left entirely to the discretion of the residents.

UK has opted for this controversial transition even as there has been a recent spike in daily cases of people testing positive for Covid. The most recent daily addition was 28,344 cases. To put this number in context, the UK has a population of 67.8 million. In contrast, India’s daily addition of cases is 45,632 with a population of about 1.4 billion.

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What’s driving UK policy to open up completely amidst a rise in cases? It’s the country’s success with vaccination. Around 84.6% of the adult population has received at least one dose, with 64.6% being fully vaccinated. This has led to a relative reduction in severe illness and deaths among those who have tested positive. The virus won’t disappear but it no longer carries the same level of threat.

It’s the extent of vaccination coverage that has emboldened the UK government to transition to full normalcy and get their economy functioning without barriers.



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