Uttar Pradesh government proposes particular incentives for folks with 1 child, deterrents for violating 2-child norm | Lucknow Information – Occasions of India

Uttar Pradesh government proposes particular incentives for folks with 1 child, deterrents for violating 2-child norm | Lucknow Information – Occasions of India

LUCKNOW: The draft bill of the proposed Population Control Act has provisions to debar violators of the two child norm from benefits of government schemes and limiting ration card units to four. It also proposes to bar them from contesting local body elections, or applying for government jobs.
Those following the two child norm, on the other hand, would be eligible for incentives like two additional increments during entire service, subsidized purchase of plot or house, rebate on utility charges and 3% increase in EPF under national pension scheme. Besides, there are special incentives, over and above this, for the couple who stop at just one child.

State Law Commission Chairman Justice AN Mittal confirmed to TOI that the draft bill has been uploaded on the Commission’s official website seeking suggestions from the public. Last date for seeking suggestions is July 19, 2021.
Interestingly, the draft bill clearly says that the benefit of the act would be given to only those who come in the ambit of the law of two-child norm.
The draft bill also talks about provision in polygamy and polyandry.
Draft bill would certainly be ready by Aug: Justice Mittal
In cases, where religious or personal law governing an individual allows for polygamous or polyandrous marriage, there may be a set of married couple, each of which shall consist of one man and one woman only, though the husband or wife, may be common in each set.”
Explaining it further through illustration, the draft bill says: “(a) The personal law governing A allows polygamy. A has three wives B, C and D. A and B, A and C and A and D shall be counted as three distinct married couple so far as status of B, C and D is concerned but as far as status of A is concerned, it shall be counted as one married couple for the purpose of calculation of cumulative number of children. For example, A has one child from B, two children from C and one child from D, the total number of children of A shall be four. (b) The personal law governing B allows polyandry. B has two husbands A and C. B and A shall be counted as one married couple. B and C shall be counted as another married couple…”
Other incentives recommended in the draft, apart from the ones mentioned above, are soft loan for construction or purchasing a house on nominal rates of interest; rebate on charges for utilities such as water, electricity, water, house tax, maternity or as the case may be; paternity leave of 12 months, with full salary and allowances, free health care facility and insurance coverage to spouse, etc.
Those who stop at a single child would get additional benefits of two additional increments. Other benefits include free health care facility and insurance coverage to the single child till he/she attains the age of 20 years; preference to single child in admission in all education institutions including but not limited to Indian Institute of Management, All India Institute of Management Science etc; free education up to graduation level, scholarship for higher studies in case of a girl child, preference to the single child in government jobs etc.
The incentives would be applicable to all citizens and not only on government employees.
Those who flout the two-child norm after taking the benefits at a later stage would be devoid of all benefits and the same would be withdrawn once it comes to notice, Justice Mittal said.
He said that once the suggestions are received and incorporated if it has merit, the draft bill would be ready in two to three weeks. Certainly, it would be ready by August, Justice Mittal confirmed.
However, whether the draft bill would be made an Act before Vidhan Sabha election 2022 is still not known.

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