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New Report Forecasts Sepsis Drug Market :

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However, there has been limited development in the sepsis market within the last two decades.

This is further highlighted by the very public withdrawal of Eli Lilly’s Xigris in 2011 following studies showing that it did not show any mortality benefit for septic patients. As of today, generic antibiotics and supportive therapies dominate the market.

The latest report identifies that a high level of unmet need for sepsis and septic shock, which remains an untapped market associated with nearly two million hospitalizations in the US in 2020.

The current treatment options have remained to be antibiotics and supportive therapy for the last two decades, with no sepsis-specific products that target the disease itself.

Several first-in-class products for sepsis and septic shock will coexist simultaneously by 2030, including new biologics and small molecules for the treatment of sepsis and septic shock.

However, the global impact of new products in reducing the overall sepsis burden will depend on the cost-effectiveness of these drugs, given that generic drugs currently dominate the market, as well as how the new drugs are eventually integrated into national treatment policies.

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